Raku Pottery Baby Emperor Penguin Clay Ornament

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This listing is for ONE happy raku penguin ornament, ♦♦♦YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE ONE PICTURED♦♦♦ but it will be similar. They are about 4" tall and about 3" wide depending on the design. The back is unglazed clay, blackened from the smoke of the firing. If you have a preference for left or right facing or more or less crackle I will try and oblige, just let me know in the note to seller.

These penguins are handmade by me, Sarah Beck, in my studio on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

To make them I roll out a slab of clay, cut out the shape and then add the markings onto each one by hand. I then push from the back of the piece creating the curved shape. You can see the marks of my fingernails on the back of some of them. Each one is also different because of the raku glaze firing process (see below). They look good on their own, or amuse yourself and get a colony. These are baby Emperor Penguins, one of the 4 species that breed right on the Antarctic continent. I have a different style of penguin for sale here: http://www.zibbet.com/WildfirePottery/artwork?artworkId=40781

My raku pieces are bisque fired once to make them hard, then glazed and fired again in an outdoor kiln. When the pieces are red hot I pull them out of the kiln with tongs allowing the glazes to crackle while cooling for a very short time in the air or on the ground. I then put them in a metal container filled with newspaper which bursts into flames, blackening all the areas I haven't glazed with smoke and filling in the crackle lines. Every piece is different some have more crackle, some less, but all are unique. See the making of one of my pieces from start to finish by pasting this link into your browser window:

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Raku Pottery Baby Emperor Penguin Clay Ornament Raku Pottery Baby Emperor Penguin Clay Ornament Raku Pottery Baby Emperor Penguin Clay Ornament Raku Pottery Baby Emperor Penguin Clay Ornament Raku Pottery Baby Emperor Penguin Clay Ornament

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